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St Theresa Specialty Hospital is dedicated to the multidisciplinary team approach to patient care. Our disciplines include:

Nursing Services
Our knowledgeable, compassionate nursing staff is at the center of our multidisciplinary team. Superior communication with physicians and other caregivers allows them to help coordinate the care of a wide array of complex medical conditions. Our nurses are experienced in the care of patients requiring advanced infusion (IV) therapy, hemodialysis, ventilator support, telemetry, cardiac disease, infectious disease management, care of post-operative complications, pain management, multi-organ failure and a host of other complex medical needs. With backgrounds in critical care (ICU), emergency room medicine, acute care and long term care, our nurses bring outstanding strength and diversity to our patients every day.

Respiratory Services
Our ventilator patients are up and walking! Coordinated care between Respiratory and Physical therapists results in respiratory muscle strengthening and successful vent weaning. Respiratory Therapy services are available 24/7, providing aerosol therapy, incentive spirometry, chest postural drainage, aggressive ventilator weaning, BIPAP services and High Flow oxygen therapy. Our Respiratory Therapists are focused on giving our patients the best quality of life possible. They work to decrease the need for supplemental oxygen and continued ventilator support, truly helping our patients breathe easier.

Wound Care
Wound Care nurses provide care 7 days a week. This continuity of care means fewer complications and faster healing rates for our patients. Our dedicated wound care team includes nutritionists, certified wound care nurses, physical therapists, infectious disease doctors, surgeons and podiatrists. Aggressive treatment modalities such as Misonix ultrasound therapy, negative pressure wound therapy and advanced wound dressings all lead to wound healing outcomes we are very proud of. Types of wounds treated include pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, complicated surgical wounds, necrotizing fasciitis, and vascular ulcers.

Licensed Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists work with our patients to achieve as much independence as possible in mobility, personal care, activities of daily living, swallowing and communication. Our therapists are teachers as well, educating both patients and caregivers on topics such as stress and pain management techniques, energy conservation, joint protection, diaphragmatic breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. Therapists also provide acupressure massage and certified lymphedema management. Our therapists take great pride in helping our patients regain their independence.

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Recognizing the importance of nutrition in every aspect of the healing process, we have a full time Registered Dietician on staff. Nutrition services are tailored to the individual patient through assessments, consultations and follow-up visits. Nutritional support includes total parenteral nutrition (TPN), peripheral parenteral nutrition (PPN), lipid infusion and tube feedings (NG, NJ, PEG or PEJ tubes). We also provide nutritional supplementation for wound healing, weight and lean body mass maintenance, and to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A valued member of the interdisciplinary team, our Registered Dietician attends interdisciplinary meetings to coordinate nutrition therapy with other disciplines, and provides nutrition education and diabetic teaching to patients and families to enable good nutrition practices to continue after discharge.

Case Management
Case Managers and Social Services are an integral part of our team oriented approach to patient care. Our case management team begins coordinating both inpatient needs and smooth discharge planning as soon as a patient is admitted. Case managers regularly communicate with the insurance companies to make sure inpatient services as well as those needed upon discharge are covered. Case managers oversee the interdisciplinary team meetings to help coordinate the overall care plan for each patient. In preparation for discharge, case managers work with patients and family to arrange referrals for home health, or placement at a rehab, skilled nursing, or long term care facility. And it is our case managers who coordinates the home delivery of supplies and equipment to ensure a seamless transition from inpatient services to home care.